Internet Explorer Slow loading pages (not connection related). Cursor turns to Cricle and takes ages to load. IE Program not responding.

There is an issue where internet explorer runs really slowly. This is not relating to the actual internet speed but the speed at which the application runs. When going to webpage internet explorer causes the mouse point to change into its "thinking" pointer and you have to wait. If you try and navigate away you may get the message internet explorer is not responding. If you wait eventually you will get your page or download but it can take quite a while. Well fret no more, following the instructions below should help fix the problem. After each step retry internet explorer with a reboot and see if its cured. If not move on to the next step.

Step 1 - Perform Java Runtime and Windows Updates

If you have Java installed you need to be aware that there has been known issues with Java runtime causing Internet explorer to run slowely. So to start its best to update this and then update windows. If you have java installed it should be a orange icon in the bottom right hand corner near the time and date, Hover the mouse pointer over the icons to bring up a description to make sure you find the icon. Once found, right click the icon and select update. If you dont have that option double click the icon and inside the program will be an option to update it. Next perfom a windows update in windows 7 by clicking the windows button in the bottom left corner then click all programs. A windows update icon should be in the list of programs. Alternatively type windows update in the seach box to find the program. Reboot the computer and try your internet explorer.

Step 2 - Clear DNS

Step 3 Reset IE


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